Oilfield Rentals

We offer thousands of tubular and oilfield equipment rentals and sales, from down-hole and surface oilfield equipment to well control and pipe handling equipment.

Thousands of Items

We’ve invested millions of dollars in the latest equipment and technology. Our computerized inventory has literally thousands of items including many specialty items, such as Hevi-Wate and slim hole drill pipes, Hydril tubing, drill collars, handling tools, and Ram Blocks.

Certified Equipment

All our equipment is subjected to our comprehensive maintenance and inspection program. From the smallest rod elevator to our 350 ton slip-type elevators, every piece of equipment is third-party inspected, serviced and repainted every time it’s rented. We insist all our equipment be certified and in like-new condition before it leaves our warehouse.

We are proud to serve the energy industry with our innovative products and skilled employees. When you turn to us, you will work with equipment that we have developed and manufactured. As a business owner, you are looking for products that will set your company above competitors. Fortunately, we have everything you need.

Think of our rentals division when you need any of the following:
  • All-in-one combo units
  • Lighting solutions
  • Water heating alternatives
  • Safe work platforms
  • Mobile recycle units
  • Sewage containment solutions

We offer practical solutions to these needs and more. Safety, innovation and efficiency are our top priorities. For your convenience, we've provided some general information about our equipment and generator rentals.

  • Combination Units

    All-in-one Combo Buildings with Stadium Lighting Combination Units are the best way to maximize your lease and get the most out of your project budget. These cost effective units come with many extras but not extra loads to keep your transport cost to a minimum and reducing your environmental footprint. In one unit you have everything from power supply, lighting, sewage, garbage storage, internet and men's and ladies washrooms and shower units. When you rent a combination unit you also get set up and maintenance peace of mind. We will supply qualified people and materials to get you up and running the day the equipment is delivered and ongoing support for the duration of the project.

    Combination Unit Features
    • 2 - 100KW generators
    • Safety showers
    • His/her flush washrooms
    • 2 - 50' Masts with 32 - 1000 watt lights
    • Internet dish and cell booster
    • 2 - 1000 gallon transportable fuel tanks
    • 11m3 sewage storage and lift pumps
    • 8m3 fresh water storage
    • Pressure washer

    Our rentals division also has smaller combination units with recycle, his/hers washrooms, generator, light mast and fuel tank. Call us for more information or to have one on your next location.

  • Recycle Units, Portable Sewage Containment and Gang Washrooms

    We have recycle trailers and portable sewage containment systems. We can deliver and setup these units and empty your recycle when it is full. Click below to give us a call.

    Gang Washrooms

    We are now renting Gang washrooms. These portable washroom units feature four, unisex chemical washrooms. These portable washroom units are heated and insulated. They are trailered for easy transport and set up on location. Just one quick call to have them serviced, and leave the rest to us.

    R.T.C. Recycle Trailer Combo Units

    Our recycle/enviro trailer combination units come with closures for recycle/garbage, washroom, a 20 KW generator and light tower plus a 2200 litre D.O.T. fuel tank. These units are clean and are on a regular maintenance schedule. Just one quick call to have them serviced, and leave the rest to us.

    • 11 m3 mobile enclosed trailers with lift stations
    • Low profile gravity feed summer use tanks
    • Transport and setup
  • 400 BBL Tanks

    We carry 400 barrel insulated tanks. Ready for your next project that requires fluid containment. Call us for a quote on your next project that requires fluid containment solutions.

  • Boilers and Heat Exchangers

    We carry a large range of boiler sizes to meet your project requirements. From 175 - 80 hp. these units are duel fuel ready to run with either natural gas or diesel. They come complete with generator and light tower. When you book a boiler and heat exchanger we supply experienced personnel to keep our equipment running smoothly and with minimal down time. Should problems arise we will take care of them quickly and efficiently.

    • 175 hp self contained /dual fueled, diesel or natural gas. Complete with generator and light tower.
    • 125 hp self contained /dual fueled, diesel or natural gas. Complete with generator and light tower.
    • 80 hp self contained, c/w 30kw generator and light tower
    • We supply safety minded, qualified oilfield boiler operators
    • Roughneck Heat Exchangers
  • Matting

    Matting your lease or tanks call us now to help you get the job done.

  • Well Site Accommodations and Portable Office Trailers

    Give us a call to inquire about a variety of well site accommodations to suit your living requirements. Our mobile office trailers have electric toilets and are suitable for managing the daily lease duties.

    For longer stays on lease sites we also have 12'x60 Engineer/Engineer Well site, Super-single Well site office and Completion Command Centres. These accommodations come with the ability to have running water, washer/dryers, flush toilets, internet, cell phone, most have HDTV capabilities (depending on position of the unit on the lease). Our mobile living units and offices are well maintained, clean and ready for use. Sewage and recycle solutions are also available.

    As with all of our rental equipment we supply qualified field hands to get your unit up and running on the day of set-up and should you require assistance help is only a phone call away, with solutions within 24 hours.

    • 24' Mobile office trailers with electric toilet
    • 12'x60' Engineer/Engineer Well site office accommodations
    • 12'x60' Super-single Well site office accommodations
    • 12'x60' Completion Command Centres
  • Lease Equipment

    Wolverine carries all the accessories and extras you will need to get your lease running smoothly. We carry extra fuel tanks, 1000 gallons, fire suppression kits for the dry summers, Honda™ water pumps, down hole tools. In addition we also have for rent spool and DSA flanges in the most used sizes all inspected and certified, clean out equipment, chokes and valves, assorted well servicing equipment.

    Assorted Items
    • FUEL TANKS: 1000 gallon enviro fuel tank comes with transfer pump and hose
    • FIRE SUPPRESSION KITS: Mobile trailers c/w pump, hoses and accessories
    • WATER PUMPS: 3" Honda water pumps
    • TOOLS: Hammer or combination wrenches
    We have spools and DSA flanges in the most used sizes.
    • 7 1/16"10M x 7 1/16" 5M DSA
    • 7 1/16"x 4 1/16"x 10M DSA
    • 4 1/16"x 3 1/16"x 10M DSA
    • 4 1/16", 10M x 7 1/16", 5M DSA
    • 4 1/16", 10M x 7 1/16"5M spool
    • 4 1/16", 10M x 2 1/16"10M flow cross
    • 4 1/16", 10M bottom hole test cap
    • 2 1/16", 10M x 2 1/16"5M DSA
    • 2 1/16", 10M x 1502 x -over
    • 2 1/16", 10M x 602 x -over
    Clean Out Equipment
    • Safety swivels
    • 44,500 daN tubing swivels
    • 60.3 mm slim hole safety valves
    • Remote valve actuators
    • 2"x 35 Mpa hoses
    Chokes and Valves
    • Adjustable 2"x 10M
    • 5M & 10M Gate valves
    • 23/8, 27/8", 31/2" x 5M threaded Gate valves
    • 31/2" Safety valves
  • Well Servicing Equipment

    We have a variety of well servicing equipment available for rent. The list includes but is not limited to:

    • Handling Tools
    • Power Tongs
    • Drill pipe
    • Tubing and work strings
    • Casing scrapers
    • Cross over subs
    • Casing swab mandrels
    • Hydraulic pack-off
    • Mission shallow slips
    • 31/2" Tubing elevators
    • MYT slip type elevators
    • 23/8 offset pipe rams
    • 31/2" Foster 5493 tong dies

    And many more!! Give us a call for any well servicing needs and our friendly and helpful operators will find a solution right for you.

  • Safe Work Platforms

    The Safe Work Platform will arrive onsite with all the necessary equipment needed for set up. When designing this work floor, our managers and owners took into consideration ease of use, simple set up and a quality product when assembled. When using the Safe Work Platform on your lease you can rely on the engineering and care to detail that was given to the platform. The double floors are availiable with a fall arrests for working at heights. As with all of our rental equipment we supply qualified personnel to help with the set up of our floors and once you see how easy they are to work with you will want to use them again on your next lease.

    • Engineered For Safety
    • Simple set up
    • Affordable
    • Single and double floors
    • Fall Arrest
    • WCB compliant
    • Stable, adjustable, quality design
  • Flare Stacks

    • 1067-FLA, 6" x60' w/2-3" auxiliaries
    • 1066-FLA, 6" x60' w/2-3" auxiliaries
    • 1063-FLA, 6" x60' w/2-3" auxiliaries
    • 1061-FLA, 6" x60' w/2-3" auxiliaries
  • Flowline / Manifolds

    • 1058-FLS, 5k skidded flow line
    • 1036-FLS, 3" 10k flow line
    • 1034-FLS, 3" 10k flow line
    • 1010-MFD, 2" 5.000PSIG choke manifold #5
    • 1009-MFD, 2" 5.000PSIG choke manifold #4
    • 1008-MFD, 2" 5.000PSIG choke manifold #3
    • 1007-MFD, 2" 5.000PSIG choke manifold #2
    • 1006-MFD, 2" 5.000PSIG choke manifold #1
    • 1002-FLS, 3" 5.000PSIG flow line with manifold
    • 1001-FLS, 3" 5.000PSIG flow line with manifold
  • Flare Knock-Out Drums

    • 1075-FKO, 100bbl, 50PSI
    • 1053-FKO, 1000 gallon, 14.3PSI
    • 1052-FKO, 1000 gallon, 14.3PSI
    • 1051-FKO, 1000 gallon, 14.3PSI
    • 1050-FKO, 1000 gallon, 14.3PSI
    • 1041-FKO, 1000 gallon, 14.3PSI
  • Line Heaters

    • 1074-HTR, 2MM BTU/HR, 5000PSIG
    • 1073-HTR, 2MM BTU/HR, 5000PSIG
    • 1072-HTR, 2MM BTU/HR, 5000PSIG
    • 1071-HTR, 2MM BTU/HR, 5000PSIG
    • 1070-HTR, 2MM BTU/HR, 5000PSIG
    • 1065-HTR, 1MM BTU, 3000PSIG
    • 1064-HTR, 1MM BTU, 3000PSIG
    • 1040-HTR, 4MM BTU, 5000PSIG
    • 1039-HTR, 4MM BTU, 5000PSIG
    • 1033-HTR, 2MM BTU/HR, 5000/3000PSIG
    • 1025-HTR, 2MM BTU/HR, 5000PSIG
    • 1018-HTR, 2MM BTU/HR, 5000PSIG
    • 1015-HTR, 2MM BTU/HR, 5000PSIG
    • 1014-HTR, 2MM BTU/HR, 5000PSIG
    • 1013-HTR, 2MM BTU/HR, 5000PSIG
    • 1012-HTR, 1MM BTU/HR, 3000PSIG
    • 1011-HTR, 2MM BTU/HR, 5000PSIG
    • 1005-HTR, 2MM BTU/HR, 5000PSIG
  • Pressurized Storage

    • 1057-TNK, 38 m3, 250PSI
    • 1056-TNK, 38 m3, 250PSI
    • 1055-TNK, 68 m3, 250PSI
    • 1044-TNK, 25 m3, 100PSIG



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    Support / +1.780.435.3451

    We're here to help when you need us!
    Call or contact us to book services, rentals, inquire and get expert advice!

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    Fill in the form with you name and phone number and our specialist will call you back as soon as possible.

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